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How to Celebrate Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" in Kansas City

As if the street lights pointed in an ARROWHEAD leading you to PARIS of the Plains

You're ready to dance (potentially in a storm) in your best Dress and metallic cowboy boots. You've made the friendship bracelets, now take the moment and taste it because you somehow snagged Eras Tour tickets in Kansas City for the SPEAK NOW DROP. The only problem is, you're not sure how to celebrate in Style and make the whole place shimmer. You shouldn't go to KC with the mindset that you need to Tolerate It because I Know Places that can make every night with us just like a dream.

Photo by @chase_daniel (Instagram)

This is your ultimate guide to honor every Taylor Swift Era as a local or during your trip in KC. When Taylor was here for Rep Tour, she thought she was performing in Kansas when she was in Missouri. My goal is that you will always know which state you're in (so you know when to say "Dorothea, we're not in Kansas anymore") and to ensure that you take full advantage of one of the most underrated cities in America.

From Midnights to Taylor Swift (debut), all the must-visit destinations the Kansas City area has to offer are listed below. It's time to immerse yourself in the spirit of Tay and make this the most magical time while you honor this tour as a true, devoted Swiftie.


Midnights Era

Where to Stay:

1. No Vacancy

I mean just look at that velvet bench... so scarlet it is Maroon. But for real, Le Lobby of this low-key, high vibes Crossroads boutique hotel perfectly embodies that moody 70's aura that fits Midnights Taylor to a T. Within this charming establishment, you'll find a collection of eight distinct guest rooms, each possessing its own allure. I have a special place in my heart for Studio 3, but they are all absolutely Gorgeous. If you are in town on a Thursday, Le Lobby will be open for delightful libations and the patio is open on nice nights so you can sip on something delicious as the sun sets into a Lavender Haze.

Where to Drink:

2. The Mercury Room

I don't need to explain why this should be on your list for Midnights - just look at that glistening room resembling a midnight sky teeming with stars.The ethereal ambiance will envelop you and make you feel like you're floating amongst the stars. Located at the tippy top of a downtown Kansas City apartment, this gem offers an amazing skyline view and the whole place literally shimmers. You will find the most elaborate and elegant cocktails in the entire KC area at this bar. If the bartender asks if you have a man after a few of these boozy drinks, you might respond, "I don't remember!". The experience at this establishment is in high demand, so be sure to secure a reservation in advance. Although it's on the pricier side, the exceptional quality and atmosphere make it totally worthwhile.

3. Vintage '78 Wine Bar

You won't find your roommate's cheap-ass screw-top rosé here. Besides the 70's reference in the name, this brand new wine & cheese bar in downtown Overland Park is just so Midnights. It offers a chic and lively, yet intimate atmosphere which sounds like I'm describing the album. You can order wine flights to sample a bit of everything, similar to the way Midnights samples different sounds. The color scheme is a lot of dark blues and yellows which made for a perfect fit into this list. You can also order a CHEESE CLOCK. She's a CLOCK. It's a CLOCK. Need I say more?

Where to Eat:

4. Society

This Crossroads restaurant-meets-clubs-meets-art-gallery might be the most Midnights of anything on this list. What you see isn't exactly what you get, which perfectly depicts what happened with the album promo versus the release. It's a trendy eatery that turns into a nightclub and there's even a secret "Scarlet Room" in the back for private groups. You'll feel like you're lost in a Labyrinth when you explore this hot spot. It's very artsy and the details are so fun to discover, which is a lot like the album. It's fitting that they have the best espresso martini in the city since you're going to need a lot of energy for our girl Tay. OH and you have to try the tater tots. Or should I say, Tay-tor tots?

More Fabulous Finds:

Evermore Era

Where to Stay:

5. Hotel Phillips

If you do like a Gold Rush, you should stay at this Art Deco masterpiece hotel in the heart of downtown KC. It was built in 1930 and continues to exude all the elegance of the period with modern amenities. This reminds me of Evermore, which feels like an old fashioned album with the charm of modern day references and new age catchy beats. Many of the original details remain, including the walnut paneling, intricate metalwork, Art Deco light fixtures, and a gilded winged statue of the goddess Dawn. What must it be like to stay in a place this beautiful? Spend the night to find out! P.S. there is a speakeasy open to the public called P.S. and it's my (AND Travis Kelce's) favorite speakeasy in the city.

Middle photo by Hotel Phillips

Where to Drink:

6. Ca Va

Want to solve all your Champagne Problems? Then hit up this darling Westport watering hole with a French flair and Midwestern heart. The atmosphere is welcoming, warm, and just the place you'd want to be on a frigid cold winter day described in Evermore. You'll feel as though you've stepped back into a more glamorous era as you snack on deviled eggs with caviar and duck fat kettle corn. One of their champagnes on the menu (the Billecart-Salmon ‘Sous-bois’) is described as "enchanted forest, tree fruits, deep and rich" and if that isn't Evermore, I don't know what is.

7. SoT

Oh, I can't, stop you from imbibing in this downtown dreamland. The Ivy grows on the outside of this upscale yet whimsical downtown bar. This isn't a one drink and dip kind of place. It's made for sophisticated sips and you're going to feel comfortable and want to stay a while, like when you start listening to Evermore. You'll feel at home fast with the moody lighting and menu full of delicious mixology magic. It's an incredibly unique bar with drinks like "Banana Bread" that will warm your soul. So meet your fellow Swifties where these spirits meet your bones and make sure to enjoy the patio too since it will be open for the summer!

8. Front Range Coffee

One look at these photos and you can tell it's an Evermore atmosphere through and through. This mountain-themed coffee shop has a rustic log cabin feel that will make you want to curl up with a hot bev and listen to 'Tis the Damn Season on repeat... or sip on a whiskey drink while vibing to Cowboy Like Me because it's also a bar! It is nostalgia and fantasy stirred together, just like Taylor's ninth studio album. You can also shop and grab a bite to eat at this tranquil resting place in Fairway, KS.

Where to Eat:

9. Brown & Loe

HELP I want to be at this restaurant for Evermore! Sit in a corner and haunt away as you chow down on a hot ham & pear sandwich, goat cheese mash, and coconut cream tart. This American bistro has fantastic food/drinks and is housed in a former Merchant’s Bank constructed in 1920. B&L effortlessly connects with this soul-stirring album. Evermore weaves tales of introspection and evokes a sense of nostalgia and this captivating restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary journey that echoes the album's themes of introspection, longing, and the beauty found in quiet moments. With the high ceilings, nice leather booths, great lighting and good music, this place is truly River Market royalty.

More Fabulous Finds:

Folklore Era

Where to Stay:

10. The Inn at Meadowbrook

Salt air, and the rust on your door, never will you need anything more than a night at The Inn in Prairie Village, KS. This is the most coastal feel you will get in the midwest and the most charming luxury boutique hotel you'll ever stay in. The Meadowbrook area is perfection because everything you need is in one place. Verbena is my favorite restaurant in Kansas and connected to the hotel (try the lobster roll!) and The Market offers an ideal setting to indulge in a delightful brunch accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee. You can rent a vintage bike, stroll through the picturesque park, or school some Swifties in pickleball. Trust me, time will sip away like a bottle of wine. This Is Me Trying to tell you to GO HERE.

Where to Eat:

11. The Market at Meadowbrook

As mentioned above, The Market is connected to The Inn and has such a crisp and pristine ambiance, you just have to stop by. The avocado toast is nothing short of phenomenal, but the deliciousness doesn't stop there. From mouthwatering sandwiches to refreshing salads, every item on the menu is simply divine. The freshly baked goods are absolutely scrumptious. They even have sugar cookies that are very much giving Midnights. I'm always down to cancel my plans if you call and want to go here. This is just perfect summer feels like Folklore and you'll find the cutest gifts to pick up for your fave Swiftie. They also have live music outside every Friday! If you're looking for an adorable casual cafe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks, this is The 1.

12. Campground

I was so excited when I realized how seamlessly this West Bottoms fave fit the Folklore aesthetic. True to its name, "Campground" transports you to a cozy forest where you'll feel as though you're nestled in a warm blanket next to your tent, surrounded by the serene ambiance of a campfire. This immersive dining experience captures the essence of nature and invites you to embrace the rustic charm of the great outdoors. Once you try this intimate aperitivo cocktail bar and restaurant, you'll feel like there was an Invisible String tying you to it all along. There's an influence of hunted, fished, and foraged ingredients which offers a nostalgic and comforting experience, just like Taylor's eighth studio album. The menu is constantly evolving which is what everyone said about our favorite blondie when she unleashed her folk masterpiece.

More Fabulous Finds:

Sail Away Wines (check out honorary "Cornelia Street" and "Swift Street" in North KC!)

Photo by @cityofnkc (Twitter)


Lover Era

Where to Stay:

13. The Truitt

The most appropriate way to honor Lover is to stay in a stunning and colorful house, just like the "Lover House". The Truitt is filled with charm and modern playful touches, similar to Taylor's seventh studio album. Meet your Lover in the gorgeous Afterglow of the gleaming pink neon sign and sneak in through the gate to enjoy the beautifully manicured gardens. The nostalgic yet modern building is walking distance to the Country Club Plaza, which is one of the city's most famous shopping districts! In fact it practically screams Kansas City's name. If you haven't booked your stay yet, you're going to want to do it here. It is a truly deserving of spot thirteen on this list.

Where to Eat:

14. Caffetteria

All the pink, yellows, and oranges in this lovely breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot in the Shops of Prairie Village will have your humming Lover tunes from the time you walk in to peruse through their adorable gift shop to when you order a fresh & unique salad, pizza, bowl, or sandwich. PLEASE get a giant sugar cookie because I promise you'll never find another like it. Lover is all about different types of love, just as Caffetteria is centered around the love of food, family, and community. This place is so sunny and cheery, it really harmonizes with the essence of the album so well.

15. Dolce Bakery

If anyone is ready for Eras Tour, it's Dolce Bakery. After lunch at Caffetteria, head around the corner to be amazed by the custom "Eras" themed retro cakes and fabulous decorations to honor Ms. Swift. Their Swiftie snack cakes are iced with phrases like"Sparks Fly in KC"and

"And They Said Speak Now". They are really in the spirit and amped for that Speak Now drop and I am HERE for it. The owner of Dolce wanted to create an atmosphere where people feel warm and welcome, comfortable and connected. You'll definitely feel that way when sipping on a delicious latte and browsing their counter of seasonal delicious treats. Every batch is from scratch so don't let anyone tell you that You Need to Calm Down because this place is worth the hype. ALSO be sure to check out their stand at the Overland Park Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings! Get the salted caramel latte or get out.

Cake photos by Dolce Bakery

16. Frozen Gold

If I didn't know better, I would think the ME! music video was shot here. Everything in this ice cream shop is feminine, funky, and fun. Kind of like how SPELLING IS FUN! But for real you will have a Cruel Summer if you don't make a trip to this dairy heaven, even if you experience death by a thousand brain freezes. This Westport wonder is known for their frozen towers of soft serve sweetness with funny names like the "PB Puffy" and "Silly Rabbit". As Swifties, we have to order the "Basic B" (vanilla soft serve, sea salt, and chocolate dip) because we all know that when something is super popular, it is popular for a REASON (bye haters ✌️).

Photos by Frozen Gold

More Fabulous Finds:


Reputation Era

Where to Stay:

17. 21c Museum Hotel

Not ONLY is this the most haunted hotel in KC (which is obvi Rep vibes cuz ya know the old Taylor is dead) but they also do First Friday Tipsy Tours and GUESS WHAT!? You'll be here on a First Friday! Let me introduce you to one of my favorite things to do: on the first Friday of every month, thousands of people fill the Crossroads Arts District to enjoy what has become the city’s most dynamic and popular event. The community comes alive as arts organizations, galleries, studios, and a wide variety of businesses in the district feature local, regional, national, and international artists. 21c Hotel is a great place to start (and stay) with its eery, impressive, and FREE 24-hour art museum and rooms with high ceilings, contemporary furnishings, large windows, and beautiful original artwork. Also my favorite part - the blue penguins!

Where to Eat:

18. The Savoy

Nestled downtown and connected to the 21c Hotel, The Savoy Restaurant exudes sophistication and intrigue, much like the iconic Reputation album. The food is thoughtful, yet approachable (Rep vibes), and the restaurant prides itself on welcoming guests from all walks of life. Similarly, Reputation brought a lot of people to the fandom who were skeptical of her before. While the lighting may be dim, the vibrant and lively nature of the food shines through, reminiscent of the surprising journey this sixth studio album took us on. The singles projected an edgier tone, but the album revealed an unexpected narrative centered around falling in love. Anyway, you gotta try the Smash Burger. OH and the brunch is fire.

Where to Drink:

19. The Concrete Company

The Concrete Club is the speakeasy in the basement of Tom's Town, which is a cocktail bar named after the country’s most corrupt political boss, Tom Pendergast. Just like Taylor, his reputation PRECEDES him, honey. The cocktails are quite strong, as was Tay during this comeback era. The space is incredibly moody with rich reds, walnut and velvet furniture, ornate rugs, a fireplace, and drinks on FIRE. Let this bar be your End Game after a fun First Friday in the Crossroads. Currently the theme is "Tom’s Tropicana" and features delicious tropical-themed cocktails every Thursday - Saturday! Don't Blame Me if you have one too many fruity bevs in a parrot glass and do something bad.

20. J. Rieger & Co.

The essence of the Reputation album intertwines with the rich history and artistry of this iconic distillery. Just as Swift boldly transformed her image and defied expectations,

J. Rieger & Co. reemerged from the shadows of Prohibition to redefine the craft spirits landscape. From "Whiskey on ice, Sunset and Vine" to "I knew it from the first Old Fashioned, we were cursed", TS clearly knows her whiskey, as does this one-of-a-kind distillery. You can play shuffleboard and grab a bite in the Monogram Lounge, hit up the food truck in Electric Park (the chicken fingers are freaking fantastic), or watch the talented bartenders in the Hey! Hey! Club whip you up a magnificent concoction. If you have time, it is SO worth it to take a tour and learn more about this KC treasure! This is in the middle of nowhere (AKA the East Bottoms) so make sure your Getaway Car can get you there.

On July 6, there will be a Taylor-themed pop up in Electric Park with Rach the Realtor! Click on the image below for more details.

More Fabulous Finds:


1989 Era

Where to Stay:

21. The Fountaine

The Fontaine hotel is sophisticated, trend-forward, and dazzling, just like 1989 the album. I'm biased on this one, 1989 is my all time fave. Everything about this building on the Plaza is mesmerizing, from the custom tile mosaics to the gleaming marble floor. Take your time to admire the hand-blown Venetian glass chandeliers floating overhead in the lobby. Taylor in this era was all about summer and the pool life so don't forget to rent a cabana and take a dip in the Nine Zero One Rooftop pool and sip on cocktails of your Wildest Dreams.

Middle photo by The Fountaine

Where to Eat:

22. The Rockhill Grille

Gosh I simply cannot hype this place up enough. When you go, SIT AT THE BAR because there is really no other way to do it. It gives such swanky NYC downtown restaurant vibes and it's going to fill a Blank Space you never knew you had. You must order the deviled eggs, bruschetta, and a Cucumber Mary or The Grand Bloody Mary while you look around and realize You Are In Love. They also have a fabulous brunch menu which is How You Get the Girl(s) to tag along. You want to go to the downtown location because the other one is no good. This is a classic American restaurant, so it's a great place to celebrate the 4th of July! Also because Tay was def in her "proud to be an American" phase during the 1989 era with all those parties at the holiday house. I heard they were tasteful but a little loud.

23. Fox and Pearl

We are the foxes and we should RUN to Fox and Pearl to enjoy the rustic, soulful cuisine in the artfully wonderful Westside neighborhood. The menu is seasonal, the ingredients are local, and there is a focus on traditional preservation. The have succeeded in their goal of creating quality food of the highest integrity, just like 1989 has proven to be an incredibly high quality album. The windows flood the restaurant with natural light, which makes it perfect for growing plants such as citrus, olive, and fig trees and a variety of herbs to add shading, warmth, and texture to dishes. These small touches evoke a sense of energy and renewal, just like the album and its Clean, revitalizing sound.

24. Meshuggah Bagels

This one is pretty self explanatory - as we all know, 1989 Tay was the queen of NYC just as the bagel reigns supreme in the Big Apple. Personally, I’m not convinced you’re going to find a better bagel in New York than you will at this KC hot spot. Their motto is “Bringing New York to Kansas City, One Bagel at a Time", and that means sharing the old world taste that is absent from every bagel in the KC Metro. I Wish You Would order the Nova Lox while jamming out to Welcome to New York ❤️ The downtown location is my fave, duh!

Where to Drink:

25. Whiskers Cat Cafe & Coffeehouse

1989 was REALLY Taylor's cat era. To be fair, her whole life has been centered around cats but this time period especially was. Whiskers Cat Coffee Cafe & Coffeehouse in Westport is a unique and whimsical kitty haven that captures the vibrant spirit of the GRAMMY-winning pop album. This is a wonderful place where feline companionship and delightful coffee merge, creating a purrfect setting for T Swizzle fans. You can enjoy your favorite brews while surrounded by adorable, adoptable furry friends. Remember that Karma is a cat purring in your lap cuz it loves you and you can take ANY of them home... just not to The Eras Tour.

Photos by Whiskers Cat Cafe & Coffeehouse

On July 2, Whiskers will be hosting a bracelet making event in their coffeehouse to prep for the concert! You can create your own bracelets and you'll be supporting the homeless cats! Special T Swift drinks will be available. Click on the images below for the deets.

More Fabulous Finds:


Red Era

Where to Stay:

26. Crossroads Hotel

This boutique hotel is obviously located in the historic Crossroads Arts District. It effortlessly blends modern elegance with a creative edge, much like Taylor's Red album. It's the perfect place for those who thrive on taste and creativity, much like Ms. Swift herself. The rich comfort colors of the interior give it an autumnal feel, similar to our beloved album we know All Too Well. Challenge a fellow Swiftie to some billiards, dine at the scrumptious Italian restaurant Lazia, or grab a sky-high libation at the Percheron. This is the best rooftop bar in the city and you're not going to find a better view of downtown KC.

Pictures by Crossroads Hotel

Where to Eat:

27. Chez Elle

At Chez Elle in Westside, you'll find fresh crepes, robust coffees, and friendly smiles. You'll also find a wonderful Parisian atmosphere that makes you feel like you're on the set of the "Begin Again" music video. When you take a bite of a scrumptious sautéed mushroom or lemon curd crepe, you will feel like The Lucky One. You might want to Stay Stay Stay forever, but do yourself a favor and grab a tasty coffee drink to accompany you on your stroll around the neighborhood to appreciate all the wonderfully strange architecture of the houses in this area. It's KC's best kept secret so... you're WELCOME.

28. Rye

We all know Taylor loves maroon/hunter green/mustard yellow color combos from the time she visually recreated one of her old Tumblr posts about Fall, which makes me think she would be Enchanted by Rye. Their commitment to locally sourced ingredients and impeccable craftsmanship mirrors Taylor's dedication to authenticity and artistic integrity. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared and I cannot recommend this enough - order the goat cheese app and a slice of pie. Any slice of pie, really. You just can't go to Rye without pie. After your meal, do a little shopping on the Plaza, where the lights and ambiance reflect the album's themes of love, passion, and heartbreak.

29. Louisburg Cider Mill

To me, Red is a basic fall girl in the best way and that's what you'll find at the Louisburg Cider Mill. Thankfully this isn’t only open during the fall. The country store is open year round, every day of the week. You will be blown away by their cinnamon donuts and selection of apple-themed gifts. On July 8, they are hosting “Junque N Donuts”. This is a unique shopping event with vintage, shabby, antique, rare, and local handmade items! I absolutely adore this place and it's so worth the trip for the great photo opps. Basic autumn lovers RISE UP. This is our Holy Ground.

30. Blue Bird Bistro

This is my best guess at where Taylor would want to spend her Sunday morning after two crazy tour nights in KC at the LOUDEST stadium on Earth. Not only is Westside not a very well known area, but it is super underrated and has some of the most unique, noteworthy businesses in the city. Blue Bird Bistro is no exception and absolutely gives "on a Wednesday, in a cafe" vibes. Their made from scratch menu has utilized local and organic ingredients as much as possible for over 21 years (it's supposed to be fun, turning 21!) and the historic building is just stunning. If you don't go for brunch and order the Bloody Mary and Salmon Benedict, you're making a Treacherous mistake.

More Fabulous Finds:

Mclain's Bakery (Mclain's and Up Up & Away Balloons are hosting a pop up on July 7 at the Shawnee Mclain's location! Click on the image below for more details.)


Speak Now Era

Where to Stay:

31. Hotel Indigo

The enchanting allure of Speak Now comes to life in Hotel Indigo. Step into a world where timeless elegance meets contemporary charm, mirroring the poetic storytelling and emotional depth of this album. Each corner reveals a tapestry of colors and textures, reflecting Speak Now's intricate narratives within the songs. The vibrant hues and elegant decor evoke the whimsical and romantic spirit of Tay's third studio album. The historic building was formerly KC Costume Company (how perfectly Speak Now, just so dramatic). The two Hotel Indigos in the Kansas City area are both equally amazing (although I've only stayed at the Crossroads location!), just as I know both Speak Now albums will be.

First photo by Hotel Indigo

Where to Drink:

32. The Monarch

As fans, we're well aware of the profound butterfly symbolism that permeates Speak Now and it can be found everywhere in The Monarch bar on the Country Club Plaza. From the stunning marble counters to the breathtaking paper butterflies dangling above the bar... this place is a dream! Creativity reigns in every detail, as it does in the album. The mixologists are true artisans (just like TS) who can skillfully craft each cocktail into liquid poetry that captivates the senses.These drinks are delicious but strong, which will have you speaking your truth after not too long. Apparently there is also a secret room here - Speak Now and you might be able to get in!

33. Mean Mule

Why you gotta be so Mean?? And by that I mean this Crossroads favorite serves up a MEAN drink and uses their own spirits in every cocktail. Mean Mule is very Speak Now with its unapologetic attitude and fearless expression as a one-of-a-kind bar. They strive to produce spirits that honor home and heritage, just like the songs "Never Grow Up" and "Mine". With a comforting, warm interior and savory sips that taste Better Than Revenge, you need to go here and that's The Last Time I'll tell you. It's also the perfect place to dress up like a hipster.

More Fabulous Finds:


Fearless Era

Where to Stay:

34. Hotel Kansas City

Hotel Kansas City is more than just a place to stay - this Gothic Revival-style institution basically offers a chance to time-travel back in history to the Roaring Twenties, when the bustling social club first opened its doors. The preserved details like stained glass windows (in your mind) and hand-hewn walnut serve as reminders of a proud past. Hotel KC has been many things but is now hopefully in its happily ever after as a grand hotel - the same happily ever after Taylor encourages her fans to believe in from her Fearless album message. This regal building mirrors the timeless allure and transformative spirit of Tay's second studio album. All of those songs are such classics, and so is this hotel. If you aren't staying here, you should still grab a drink at the magnificent lobby bar or dinner at The Town Company.

Where to Eat:

35. Wandering Vine Castle Restaurant

Taylor was constantly in castles during this era, so you need to dine in one too. The Wandering Vine Castle Restaurant evokes a sense of whimsy and wonder. As you approach the grand entrance, you can't help but be reminded of the album's heartfelt lyrics and the sense of adventure that permeates each song. Inside, you'll find a dining experience fit for royalty. The warm and inviting atmosphere sets the stage for a culinary journey that celebrates the fearless spirit within all of us. For over one-hundred years, this landmark castle has been a part of Shawnee's history. Wandering Vine is its newest incarnation, and the warm and inviting hospitality makes it the most romantic dining experience in the KC area.

Photos by Wandering Vine

36. Pierpont's at Union Station

Pierpont's at Union Station is a culinary gem that showcases the timeless charm and youthful spirit of the Fearless album. Pierpont's embraces a classic and sophisticated atmosphere, reminiscent of the nostalgic allure that emanates from these songs. They are known for their innovative seasonal menus, first class service, and extraordinary seafood. You will have

The Best Day if you spend some time in Union Station followed by dinner at this KC classic!

More Fabulous Finds:

Bristol Seafood + Steak + Social


Taylor Swift (Debut)

Where to Stay:

37. Intercontinental Hotel

The Intercontinental Hotel stands as a beacon of sophistication and timeless elegance, much like Taylor Swift's debut album. Just as the album marked the beginning of an illustrious musical journey, this iconic hotel sets the stage for unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. The Midwestern flair of the lobby is very reminiscent of debut and the fun, vibrant American Slang Modern Brasserie restaurant is a lot like her spirit during that time. You can unwind at the pool deck. You can also sneak out late and experience The Outside, AKA the Country Club Plaza. This hotel has the best views of the Plaza by far!

Where to Eat:

38. Tallieur

Tailleur is a newish fabulous French restaurant in Midtown and I am obsessed with it. It is literally pronounced “Taylor” so it had to be debut. Every inch is covered with antiques and equestrian embellishments and we all know this was Taylor's horse girl phase. It actually reminds me of how she decorates her own homes. I highly recommend the tuna tartare but everything on the menu is so good. Nearby you'll find their sister company Cheval, which is a swanky lil bar that literally means "horse" in French. The have small plates, desserts, cocktails, and a fine collection of wines. You will be so pleased by both of these!

Where to Drink:

39. PBR Big Sky

If anyone is riding a mechanical bull, it would be debut era Taylor. You can do that and all the other honky tonk thangs at PBR Big Sky. This lively country bar in The Power & Light Disctict captures the essence of Taylor Swift's groundbreaking debut album. You'll feel the spirit of the self-titled album with this vibrant atmosphere and energetic crowd. So grab your cowboy boots, don your best plaid, and head over to P&L. Hopefully they'll be bumpin' some classic songs like Tim McGraw when you're getting your groove on at this country nighttime oasis.

Photos by PBR Big Sky

More Fabulous Finds:


Smokin' Swiftie:

This wouldn't be a KC article if I didn't tell you where to go for BBQ. They didn't really fit into the Eras, but you still absolutely need to go while you're here since it is the barbecue capital of the world. Here are the best spots and there's no point in asking anyone else:

2. Q39


Swiftie Sweets

Kansas City is known for its vibrant music scene and enthusiastic fans (sports and Taylor Swift alike) which makes it the perfect destination for TS enthusiasts attending the highly anticipated Eras Tour at Arrowhead Stadium. While indulging in the magic of Taylor's music, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with an array of delectable themed treats. Local bakeries & independent bakers across the city have embraced the excitement of the tour by offering a variety of creative sweets. I challenge you to embark on a delicious quest to find these Taylor Swift-themed goodies, which will add a delectable touch of sweetness to your unforgettable Kansas City experience.

I can't mention Swiftie Sweets without talking about THESE beauties! Donutology in Westport is selling darling "The Eras Tour" 30 packs of mini donuts, which might possibly be the cutest thing I've ever seen. They also have "Caramel is a Cat" Bismark donuts. Like... are you kidding me???

Photos (left and center) by Donutology

Photo (right) by Taylor Nation (Instagram)

Swiftie Shops

In true Taylor fashion, I present to you a collection of thirteen Kansas City shops that are bound to delight every Swiftie. I need you to make a stop at these charming boutiques during your visit, not only to show your support for this incredible community but also to indulge in a delightful shopping experience that could lead to some adorable finds.

4. Ladyco

13. Pink Dinosaur Boutique (Click the image below for more details on a makeup event with Glitterbar STL that will be happening at Pink Dinosaur!)

Thank you all for coming to my Tay Talk. I sincerely wish you an incredible time in Kansas City and hope we'll cross paths at Eras so we can trade a friendship bracelet. I love this city so much and really hope you'll experience the same enchantment that it holds for me! Stay connected with me by following @callieinkc on Instagram and Tik Tok. Come on, come along with me as we take on KC & The Eras Tour - just remember, the best articles in life are free.

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